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How many guests can be seated at an event?

The Lodge at Camp Red Cedar can comfortably accommodate and provide indoor seating and tables for 250 guests. Events requiring seating for more than 250 guests are encouraged to rent chairs and additional tables from a preferred vendor. 

Does The Lodge at Camp Red Cedar provide any services such as catering, bar, event planning, or decor? 

No. We have a list of wonderful preferred vendors who are experts in their business. You can book directly with them. We do allow outside vendors for a $250 fee per vendor if they are able to provide proper licensing, insurance, and agree to our vendor acknowledgement. 

What time do music and bar service need to end?

Music and bar service must end by 10:30 pm due to local ordinances. This also ensures that you, your guests, and your vendors are off-property by 11:59 pm. Weekday rentals may have a differing end time. Please confirm event ending times on your Renter Information Sheet and your Agreement. 

Is there a deposit due at booking? When are additional payments due?

Yes, at the time of booking and securing your event date, we require a 20% deposit towards your total booking price and a refundable deposit $500 damage deposit. 1/2 of your remaining balance is due 6 months from your event date and the full remainder is due 3 months prior to your event. 

Is the renter responsible for acquiring event insurance and security officers?

For weddings and corporate events, those are both covered in your fee and acquired on your behalf. For nonprofit events, the renter is responsible for those details.

Will there be another event on the same day as mine? 

No. Here at The Lodge at Camp Red Cedar, we believe your day is just that- YOUR DAY. We only host one event per day. 

We do not plan to do both the Ceremony and Reception at The Lodge at Camp Red Cedar. Does that change your fee?

Because our venue only hosts one event per day, our rental fee remains the same whether your hold your ceremony, reception, or both onsite. 

What time will I have access to the venue to decorate?

You will have access to the venue at the time listed in your Agreement. Please plan accordingly. A 3-hr early set-up/rehearsal window can be added for $500 to the day before your event if available and agreed upon at the time you book. 

Is there space at the venue for the bridal party to get ready and spend time prior to the wedding?

Yes! We are delighted to offer (at no additional cost) our bridal cabins. These are available for the duration of your rental time. For weddings and most events, this is 10:00 am-11:59 pm. Complete with mirrors, counter space, restrooms, and ample seating, please enjoy your time here in comfort. 

Who is responsible for set-up and tear-down of the venue space?

We are pleased to offer venue set-up with our tables and chairs at no cost. This will be completed prior to your rental start time. Tear-down and clean-up is the responsibility of the renters unless the tear-down package is added for $500. 

Do you offer ceremony arches?

Yes. At no additional cost, you may elect to use one or both of our wooden arches for your ceremony or reception. Indicate where you would like them during your final planning and we will have the set-up. 

Is it possible to seat 8 to a table?

Yes (especially if one is a child), but we would not recommend it for your guests' comfort if using the venue  chairs provided.  Guests prefer to be seated 6-7 per table to have some extra elbow room. You can seat 8 per table comfortably with smaller rental chairs. 

What happens in case of rain?

With over 6,200 ft of venue space, ceremonies can be accommodated within the venue for most size parties. We require notice of your decision 48 hrs prior to your event when possible, to ensure a smooth and on-time set-up of your space. 

Do you have any regulations regarding smoking, candles, and sparklers?

Yes, due to the high importance of the clients we serve here at Camp Red Cedar and for preservation of the space, smoking, flame wick candles, and sparklers are not permitted. We have alternative recommendations available upon inquiry. 

Can we nail decorations to the walls or hang fabrics and lights from the beams?

We request that holes are not placed in any walls or venue feature to preserve the beauty and condition of the building. Existing nails may be used to hang decor from. With the expansive vaulted cathedral style ceiling, hanging fabrics and lights from the beams is not accessible. We hope that you will find the space and lighting beautiful on its own without a lot of extra work!

Can we take photos around the lake, meadows, or woods during our rental? 

Absolutely! The 57 acres including bridge over the lake and fishing dock are available for anyone in photos with the photographer with the exception of the horse barns, horse paddocks, and beach.  Guests are restricted to the lawns surrounding The Lodge for safety. 

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